Machine Mile, a reputable supplier of industrial equipment in India, has now come up with a brick making machine for sale to satisfy the needs of various customers.

When you think of putting a new plant in, you need to start with good results. The bricks should be formed of the highest quality and the finest calibre. Because there are so many possibilities available, you will need to examine a number of the machines before selecting the best one. You would do well to choose our brick-making machine.

A person will get high-quality bricks from our BMM series brick production plant. Machine Mile are made from stainless steel frames, making them cost-effective in the long run.

Finally, our brick-producing machine can manufacture up to 2000 bricks per day of the highest quality, which will speed up your time and increase your profit alongside ensuring the success of your project. You can check more details about our product by looking at the table below.

Brand Machine Mile
Rs 78,000
220 V
Automation Grade
Brick Type
2000 bricks per day
Stainless steel
1 mm

Brick Making Machine Price

Small-Business Industries is a synonym for quality, and we aim to provide the products at a reasonable cost. Our brick-making machinery is reliable and has a low failure rate. You don’t need to spend on its servicing after every year.

We provide the equipment that is good to go for long years.

The starting cost of the brick making machine is Rs 78,000. The equipment likewise is also getable through the EMI plan.

Therefore, equip your business with the most technologically advanced brick-making machine so that you can stand out from the crowd.