If you are planning to start your own candle-making business, then why not invest in a dependable candle-making machine manufactured by Machine Mile. This candle-making machine is required to produce many candles quickly.

We have developed this modern technology to create a mechanized candle system. The major components of this completely functional candle manufacturing setup are an extruder, a wax cutter candle, a mill, and a conveyor. We offer the entire setup in a single residence. For the highest-quality and most affordable candle machine, contact us.

A candle-producing machine is a device that produces candles in a range of sizes. Using a candle-making machine reduces wax waste while enabling mass production of candles. These machines can generate an output of up to 500 kg per hour.

A safe, hygienic candle manufacturing machine can be used to produce lovely, aromatic candles in the shortest amount of time which indirectly profits anyone’s business. For further details, look into the table given below.

Brand Machine Mile
36,000 INR
220 V
Power source
1000 kg
7mm to 100mm
500 kg/hr
Total power
1-3 kW
50 Hz
Stainless steel

Candle making machine price

This candle-making machine is available for as little as Rs. 4 lakh. This device is also available through online retailers on an EMI plan. For high-quality candles, purchase the best candle-making equipment.

With the aid of our equipment, which is both affordable and performance-focused, outfit your company. We produce these candle chip-making equipment using premium stainless steel at competitive pricing for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

What are you waiting for? Order your Candleaking Machine for business and begin a new chapter of your life!