Give your customers the perfect-sized ice cubes in bulk with small business

industries ice-making machines. The ice-making machine is one of Machine Mile’ most efficient and budget-friendly products. The well-functioning ice-making machine is best suited for small-scale and medium-scale industries.

Quality-wise, this ice-making machine is top-notch with being 100% reliable. The ice-making machine produces all sizes of ice cubes, small, medium, and large. You can also avail yourself of the customization option provided by Machine Mile. This will surely help in your business’s rapid growth.

The ice-making machine has an automatic feature which is helpful in smooth functioning and will save your extra manual cost. This Indian-origin ice-making machine can produce 15 kg of ice cubes in just 12 hours. Look at the table below for details of the ice-making machine.

Brand Machine Mile
Stainless steel
Production Capacity
15 kg in 12 hour
Minimum Quantity
Automation Grade
Designed type
Standard and customization ( also available)
Power source
Single-phase electric
Ice forms


All the products, including ice-making machines in Machine Mile, are available at a low cost, which is easily accessible to everyone looking for a budget-friendly ice-making machine. A standard ice-making machine costs you around 86,000; the price can exceed as per the features.      

Apart from this, it is manufactured by professionals, so it is undoubtedly worth buying as an asset for a business. A minimum of one quantity is required for placing an order. You can also avail yourself of the EMI option along with instant delivery. Installation and warranty of each product are there in Machine Mile(some charges may apply as per the delivery location).

So claim your brand new ice-making machine right now!