This mask-making Machine works at a higher speed, expanding the Mask’s efficiency.

Using a mask-making machine, you will create more masks within a specific scope of time. This Machine enables small businesses to produce more high-quality masks with greater consistency. The owner can produce 60-100 pieces of high-quality masks in a minute. The body of the product has been made from stainless steel, which increases the efficiency of the product.

The mask-making Machine performs a significant portion of its capabilities naturally without the assistance of human work. Because of consistency and an elevated degree of precision, there is almost no wastage of unrefined components hence lessening creation cost. Aside from that, the Machine has programmed sensors that will close it down even with risk or glitches. The Machine works at a voltage of 220 V, the optimal voltage for the effective functioning of the equipment.

Overall, you can invest in this Machine made by Small-Business Industries, which is genuinely cost-effective, high performing, and long-lasting.

Brand Machine Mile
Approx. 5 lakh
220 V
Power source
800 kg
60-100 pieces/minute
Total power
3.5 kW
60 Hz
Stainless steel

Mask Making machine price

The price for a mask-making machine starts from  10 lakh. You can also get this EMI on online sites. Purchase a low price Mask Making Machine that offers 30-40 pieces per minute with high efficiency. Compared with normal masks, the final result has top-notch covers with a more extended usable span.

At Machine Mile, we strive to provide maximum quality at a bearable cost.

Therefore, our mask-making Machine will be your perfect choice if you wish to start your own Mask making business.

Post-Covid, Mask has become a trend for teenagers. You may also produce customized masks or the one which is popular these days.

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