Presenting before you the modern technology-equipped momo making machine to produce momos in large quantities made by Machine Mile. It is a flexible machine that can produce momos in a range of sizes and sheet thicknesses. Variable frequency drivers are included. The machine is designed and manufactured to produce 1000 to 3000 momos in an hour. It is appropriate for manufacturers of frozen fast dumplings and providers of momos. The finished stuffed momo can range in weight from 20g to 200g by modifying the machine. The momo maker consists of a stainless steel body, keeping in mind the product’s durability.

This frame can last many years without being corroded or rusted. This momo making machine uses scientific design dynamics by pastry technology to guarantee the completed products’ density, elastic resilience, and water-binding ability.

The finished items have a pleasing look, tidy construction, and pleasant flavor. The machine has been designed to work on lower voltage efficiently.

Brand Machine Mile
220 V
Power source
250 kilogram approx
1000 to 3000 momo per hr Production Capacity
Total power
2.24 kW
7-8 inch
50-60 Hz
Stainless steel

Momo making machine price

The cost of a momo maker starts at INR 2 lakh. The pricing ranges of various momo makers rely on the machine’s features, which vary in features and performance. Get the best range of machines for baking flawless momos.

This device is also available with an EMI. Made In India has taken pride in offering the highest-quality goods and first-rate services for years. Get the best range of momo-making equipment from the series at reasonable costs. Get the item with easy payment and procedure!