In our fast-paced life, we want everything to be done quickly. So, Machine Mile is providing the best map making machine, which will increase your production capacity. The best part about this mop-making machine is that it is budget-friendly and cost-effective. Little investment in this product can yield excellent results. It is easy to use as it can be handled manually as well as automatically. It comes in shiny protective finishing, and the product quality is also top-notch. With being cost-effective, it is durable also.

Brand Machine Mile
Automation Grade
Surface Finishing
Protective shiny finishing
Production Capacity
600-800 pieces in 8 hours
Hand Operated/ Automated


Machine Mile provides Mop making machines at a reasonable price. The price range varies from 5000 to 8000, according to the production capacity as well as the difference is because of the features and performance. If you are planning to start your own business or want to add this mop-making machine product to your business, you will get it at affordable prices.

It also saves you extra costs on maintenance. Machine Mile has engineered this mop machine requiring minimal maintenance.

The product capacity is impressive as it provides 600- 800 pieces in just 8 hours. It saves most of your production time. The Dual operated feature of Mop-making machines is very attractive and also the reason worth buying.

With quick and easy delivery, you may also avail of this machine on EMI. Machine Mile ensure that the buyer is satisfied with the product by providing the best quality. Grow your business exponentially with Machine Mile’ amazing products at cost-effective and budget-friendly prices.

Without a doubt, this is a perfect investment for starting up a  new business. Ideal for homemakers or farmers as a side hustle. One can also opt for this primary source of income as the outcome of profiting.

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