Unrevealing the namkeen making machine that would be your perfect partner in your business journey. Our machine is used to prepare a variety of other snack foods. There is a different snack processing machine for each type of snack.

This namkeen-making machine proves to be advantageous for your business as this output is 50-100 kg per hour. This machine has been effectively designed to meet the specific requirements of the companies. One of the most affordable and performance-oriented sets of devices is being produced by Machine Mile. 

Expand your business with the help of this machine and be careless about the device’s condition as it is made with a stainless steel frame. The steel frame ensures that the product remains safe from corrosion and rust.

Our products have been manufactured and assembled in India, making you the proud owner of our namkeen-making machine.

Brand Machine Mile
Rs 1.24 Lakh
220 V
Automation Grade
50-100 kg per hour
Total power
Stainless steel

Namkeen Making Machine Price

Machine Mile is the only places to find the lowest costs on namkeen-making machines. The price range begins at 1.24 Lakh for each unit. Along with their excellent qualities, machine prices are also very attractive. Pricing has been decided so that everyone can afford it, whether small or medium-sized businesses. 

Every product has been designed to provide value for money. Professional engineers have tried and tested it; as a result, Machine Mile guarantees the quality of the items.

Additionally, Machine Mile do provide EMI plans if you are really interested in them. Along with prompt product delivery, hassle-free, simple payments are offered.

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