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The construction of the noodle-making machine is made of heavy-duty mild steel to ensure it lasts through the ages. Simple to use, efficient in terms of labour and time, and quick production. Modern architecture and hygienic machines are simple to put together, maintain, and clean. The equipment for creating noodles is quite efficient, and the operation is continuous and nonstop. We strive for the highest use, safety, and stability levels when designing our noodle machines.

To use these noodle makers and make good noodles, you don’t need any prior experience. All you need is a desire to succeed in business. Let a Machine Mile’ noodle-producing machine be your dependable and strong companion in the operation of your noodle shop. We created noodle-making equipment that is best suited for industrial-scale production. Our range, which is used to make raw noodles, is not only simple to install but also expertly designed to extract uniform-sized noodles. Our noodle equipment is recognised for its tough design, affordable cost, and consistent dependability. 

Brand Machine Mile
220 V
Power source
350 KG/HR
Total power
4 kW
60 Hz
Stainless steel

Noodle-making machine price

You can get this noodle-making machine starting from Rs 4 lakh. You can also get this machine on EMI from online sites. Get the best quality noodle-making machine for good-quality noodles. The machine series have an affordable Noodle making machine price option.

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