Utilizing a blank sheet of paper or creased paper, the paper bag making machine is appropriate for high-volume paper bag manufacture. This machine creates the paper bag in a single step, starting with a paper roll, folding the edges, producing tubes, cutting, glueing, folding the bottom, glueing the bottom, and finishing the bag. High efficiency, low power consumption, and simple operation. 

The machine has a brand-new design, high speed, high yield, product information, ease of tube replacement, low energy consumption, and many other features. It likewise has a seamless steel frame for the age of the product.

It is the perfect tool for making food bags like McDonald’s, KFC, and bread bags. The touch screen is useful for modifying the bag’s length, and high-precision photocell sensors now allow pre-printed rolls to be cut to the precise length needed for the work. 

Overall, this machine is the perfect equipment for people who desire to start up their own small business paper making. It is the perfect tool for producing high-quality paper bags at greater efficiency and volume.

Brand Machine Mile
220 V
Power source
1580 kg
Length: 18 feet Width: 10 feet
40- 60 pieces/minute
Total power
5 kW
60 Hz
Seamless steel

Paper bag making machine price

Check out the paper bag making machine price starting at Rs. 4 lakh. This device is also available through online retailers on an EMI plan. For high-quality paper bags, choose the best paper bag-making equipment. With the help of our paper bag making machine, which is both affordable and performance-focused, outfit your company with the best equipment. The machine can produce at least 50 glasses per minute- a profitable outcome.

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