Machine Mile present Paper cup making machine. It is the best paper cup making machine with a two-layer framework for the development of Paper fans which is shaped by a sort of arm plan for a cup cone tracker. This paper cup-making machine has been designed for greater outputs. The stainless steel body allows it to withstand rough and challenging times. Also, this machine has specific extra elements like photoelectric sensors for paper taking care and cup counting. This product can manufacture a lot of commodities in an hour, equal to 3600 paper cups.

The machine has capabilities in an exceptionally smooth manner and guarantees production at high speed. It works at 220 V and produces quality results within it. A variety of paper cup-making machines has been designed by our company that can perfectly serve your purposes. Overall, it is the best paper cup-making machine suitable for assembling both Single and Double-side PE-covered Paper Cups, which can serve hot and chilly beverages.

Brand Machine Mile
220 V
Power source
1000-2000 kg
More than or Equal to 16oz
3600 paper cups per hr
Total power
12 kW
50 Hz
Seamless steel

Paper cup making machine price

The cost of a paper cup-making machine starts from 1 lakh. In 1 to 2 lakh rupees, you will get only one size cup/glass making machine, with the help of which you can do the production. However, if you want to produce cups and glasses of every size, then you need a capital of Rs 10 to 12 lakhs. You can also get this machine on EMI. Get the best range of paper cup-making machines from the series at reasonable costs.

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