Wanted to get consistent results from your business, and then purchase affordable and budget-friendly products from Machine Mile.  The paper-making machine is a cost-effective product available by Machine Mile. It has a production capacity of 3000 – 5000 pieces per hour with the most reliable functioning. Plus, the power consumption of paper-making machines is around 2 to 2.5 Kilowatt.

 Inbuilt excellent features are most preferred by the buyers, such as automation grade of automatic and semi-automatic both. You will get the best results because the quality of paper making machine is top-notch. The paper-making machine provides smooth functioning as it receives pulp and water mixture and drains excess water. Hence, provide desired paper sheets and give perfect finishing.

Brand Machine Mile
Production Capacity
3000-5000 Pieces Per Hour
Minimum Quantity
Power Consumption
2-2.5 KW
Paper Quality
Craft Board, Duplex, & ITC
Automation Grade
Automatic and Semi-Automatic
Designed type


Rates of paper-making machines vary from function to performance. Also, the variation is because of production capacity. The paper making machine price starts at INR 5 lakhs, increasing according to its applications. Whether you are starting a new business or wanting growth in your business, you can purchase this asset for future growth perspective. It is easy to use and saves your extra manual cost by switching to the automatic feature of paper making machine. 

This product is well structured and designed by professional engineers. The quality of this paper-making machine is tried and tested. The best part is that Machine Mile provide flexibility in payment. You can easily avail of the EMI option on this specific product and other products.

Nothing to worry about now as you are getting 100% reliable and assured products. So, Get your customized paper-making machine now!!

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