Presenting you the best range of paper plate making machines powered by Machine Mile. Get the greatest output with low investment. The machine is engineered to produce more than 30000 paper plates a day. Consisting of a Stainless Steel Body, this machine is coated to prevent any rusting or corrosion. It has easy maintenance and excellent performance. A series of paper plate making machines are available in our arsenal, designed by Professionals to fit perfectly for small-scale businesses. This machine works at 240 Volts and assures low-power cut or damage. You can also get the paper plate dyed with this machi9ne. The machine by Machine Mile is truly cost-effective and high performing.

Brand Machine Mile
240 V
Power Source
500 kg
Paper Plate Size
4-15 Inch
40,000-45,000 pieces in 6-8 Hrs (Depending on the sizes of molds)
Total Power
2-2.5 kw
Single Phase
50 Hz
Stainless Steel

Paper Plate Making Machine Price

The Paper Plate Making Machine is available at cost-effective prices, engineered and designed to fit small businesses. The products range from INR 50,000 to 80,0000. The series consists of various features and performances, and the price ranges depend upon the machine’s features.

If you plan to start your own business, Paper Plate Making Machine with hydraulic dye is a perfect choice. This saves your extra cost for the dying machine. Get the best range of machines at affordable prices or gear up your business.

You may also avail this machine on EMI. We at Machine Mile take pride in providing the best quality products and top-notch service for years! Avail of the best range of paper plate making machines from the series at budget-friendly prices.

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