The Roti Making Machine powered by Machine Mile has a user-friendly design that even a non-skilled worker may operate with very little training. It is fairly simple to instruct a co-worker to use the equipment.

As a reputable manufacturer, we provide a large selection of completely automatic Roti Maker Machines. Significant reductions are made in production expenses, raw material waste, and processing times. These reductions have been made to ensure that the product remains friendly to the environment and businesses.

Our fully automatic machine is equipped with the latest technology, which is our own invention. It is distinctive and cannot be entirely created automatically by another creator.

Our completely automated equipment does not require a dry flour sprayer, preventing the loss of drying meals which makes it easier to maintain and clean the entire system.

Our machine can produce a reasonable amount of Rotis per hour which is 1000-1080 Rotis. The stainless steel frame ensures that the product remains in good condition for a long time.

Brand Machine Mile
Rs 2 Lakh per unit
1000-1080 Rotis/hr
Stainless Steel
LPG Consumption
1.8 kg per hour
Power Source
Power Consumption
4-5 kW

Roti Making Machine Price

Machine Mile guarantees the expansion of small firms by offering top-notch automated machines for businesses. The cost of the roti-making machine starts at INR 2 Lakhs per unit. Roti-making equipment is affordable and efficient. Due to their low cost and accessibility at fair pricing, Machine Mile’ products are easily accessible to any business at the start-up stage.

One can also opt for the EMI plan and get instant delivery of their product right at home.

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