Presenting before you the Samosa Making Machine from a Machine Mile.

Due to the increase in the demand for samosa, if you are planning to put your hands in the samosa business, then why should you not invest in our machine.

We create, manufacture, and supply a wide range of processing equipment constructed with high-quality components and raw materials. These processing devices, widely used in the food business, are renowned for their effectiveness and low costs.

These readily available machines feature a sturdy and small design. The dough is fed into the hopper, and plain puris are produced at the outlet. Other than this, no oil is needed. As a result, these devices provide hygienic services without using any oil.

The machine has been built with a steel body keeping the product’s life in mind. The machine’s output is 4000 Samosas per hour which is quite a huge amount to start with.

Automatic grade allows the smooth functioning of the machine without any power cut or disturbance.

Brand Machine Mile
Rs 1.2 Lakh
4000 per hour
220 V
Power Source
Power Consumption
2.5 kW

Samosa Making Machine Price

Every product, including samosa making machine, is inexpensively priced in Machine Mile, making it simple for anyone looking for an affordable ice-making machine to get one. The starting price of the samosa-making machine is Rs 1.2 Lakh per unit.

It is also tested by experts, making it unquestionably worthwhile to purchase as a corporate asset. Orders must be placed in increments of one quantity or more, and we have a rapid delivery option.EMI option is also available to our customers who think it is a big amount for one time.

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