Tissue Paper Making Machine

Introducing before you the tissue paper making machine manufactured by Machine Mile. We aim to provide the best output at reasonable rates. The machine has been manufactured to give an output of 150000 per 10 hours. An inbuilt body of stainless steel provides the machine with safety against corrosion.

Variously sized and shaped tissue paper making machines are available. Because it is made of high-quality basic materials, our paper napkin machine is extremely efficient and provides consistent performance. In addition to that, we offer a Paper Napkin Machine at the lowest cost on the market. Our Variable Size Paper Napkin Machine is made from high-quality foundation materials that provide a stable structure. Additionally, the paper towels made from our machine feel soft against the skin and are quite delicate.

Machine Mile have manufactured their products considering quality and performance first.

Overall, this tissue paper making machine will prove to be a value buy for your business and will not require any hefty amount for its servicing.

Brand Machine Mile
Rs 6.2 Lakh/unit
Machine Body
Stainless Steel
Power Source
Loading Capacity
2 HP DC and 3 HP AC

Tissue Paper Making Machine Price

Machine Mile believes in customer satisfaction and always work towards the fulfilment of their customer’s objectives. The pricing range of tissue paper-making machines starts from 6.2 Lakh per unit.

Machine Mile makes an effort to provide all of its customers with items at competitive prices. Each product also offers payment options in addition to this incentive of participation. With the hassle-free payment option, you can quickly order one quantity of paper glass-making machines. We do provide EMI options for the people who really require it.

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